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Geodiversity Colombia, wants to share in this blog all the colors of nature and compatible with the world. How do today's weather forecast through the shifting of the wind? Let's start with a riddle: flying without wings, without a mouth whistle, hand strikes and you do not see it or touch it. Nothing? Let's try another: What thing is, it gives you in the face and you do not see it? The latest: broken and has no hands, no feet running and blows and has no mouth, what do you think it is?The wind! Sure, it's so commonplace that not even notice it ... but what is the wind? Where does and where it goes? Would you like to know more about it? The activity that we do is for the curious like you, are some of the answers they seek, but as always something new comes to research, we suggest you keep exploring and setting forth new questions.

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  • waltermmv: We are looking for students to share our activities in our classe. (2012.01.17. 21:54) Students in the classroom



Students in the classroom

2012.01.17. 21:49 waltermmv

Students in the classroom to share their experience in technology.

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waltermmv · 2012.01.17. 21:54:05

We are looking for students to share our activities in our classe.